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Apr 15, 2022

We speak with Bryan Bowden who has been researching UFOs since 1977. We discuss his view on ETs, are they real and what these experiences mean to the experiencers.

Thanks Bryan!


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Jim Harold 0:04
UFOs: Are they aliens? government secret projects, the imaginings of disturbed individuals, or just outright hoaxes? We're here to find out. Welcome to Jim Harold's UFO Encounters. Welcome to UFO Encounters and so glad to be with you once again, I think we're going to have a fascinating show. We're going to talk to Bryan Bowden. And he has been very, very involved in the UFO field for many years. He's a member of the International remote viewers Association. He's the founder and director of the New York State UFO project, and NY SSO, the New York State Sasquatch Organization. He came to this with a lifetime interest of UFOs. Since 1977, he has used much of his time to explore these areas of interest, traveling the world in pursuit of the truth. And his 40 plus years of experiences in the paranormal realm cover the gamut of the goblin universe from encounters with Sasquatch, dog, man and spirits to several UFO experiences. And today we are going to talk about those UFO experiences. And his thoughts on UFOs. Bryan Bowden, welcome to the program.

Bryan Bowden 1:26
Jim, thank you very much for having me. It's a pleasure to be here.

Jim Harold 1:29
So when it comes to UFOs, you know, I felt for the longest time because I'm not been at this as long as you I mean, I've been interested, since I was a little kid watching In Search Of, Leonard Nimoy. But but I've only been really pursuing this more seriously through the shows and things for the last 17 years. So but but I felt, let's say 10 years ago, that when it came to the UFO question, we were very stuck in the mud. I remember going to a UFO event in Ohio, where I'm from, and even at that point, when I was in my early 40s, I brought down the the average age of the people in the room by 20 years not to say anything negative to them. But it kind of indicated to me that young people weren't interested in this topic, and it was kind of dying out. And then oh my goodness, the New York Times, Ralph Blumenthal, and so forth in the Tic Tac video and all that in the governmental report, things have really changed in the last three or four years. How do you feel about all this? Do you think this is getting us on a path, some type of disclosure? Or do you think it's just more of the same wrapped up in a different way?

Bryan Bowden 2:40
Well, I initially I think it's a great thing to happen, because it takes a subject that, frankly has been tinfoil hat, made fun of and actually makes it into the mainstream as saying, listen, folks, there's something weird or real going on here. So I appreciate that. Because all the jokes are moving to the side. And now we can actually focus on actual research with some validity and credibility. The problem is, there's a whole slew of people, and I liked what you said 20 years younger, that are significantly older. And there there are fewer younger people that are into it. They're more into other other subjects. But I they're all screaming for disclosure. And I think personally, the reason why they want disclosure, is they want a I told you so moment for all that ridicule going on. But I've been firm in my beliefs and my my stance on this, because of the fact that the world we live in, is filled more with, I'm gonna say enemies, but people that aren't friendly to our best interests within this country. I wouldn't I would not personally disclose this to the world, because there are some serious national security ramifications from it. That being said, the AATIP experience that we just had that that nothing burger that they gave us, you know, 70 pages of junk, in my opinion. I'm sure the people that were on the committee got some more interesting information that we would love to know. But there was no disclosure. And I don't think there will be a disclosure again for national security purposes. But I've always stated that being in the subject, disclosure, has already happened. And it happened back in 1957 it was where you were first appeared over the Capitol building, but it happened that because that was really believing that it's a big story. I mean, there are these objects over the Capitol building, but that was more of a national type of an event and reported that way. It's something that's really true disclosure has to be reported or shown on a global events and that took place actually in 1977, with the release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Yes, that movie. And what was great about that movie and what was screaming this is real folks, is Dr. Hynek, the man responsible Blue Book and debunking, this whole subject, literally was in the movie, at the moment when the craft has landed on top of Devil's Tower, and these little gray beings are coming out of it. And that was disclosure to the fact that the government knows what's going on. The government is working with these entities. And this is real. So that's my personal opinion.

Jim Harold 5:43
So you believe that that movie worked on two levels: level one being that it was great entertainment, no question about that a classic. But it was also Hey, we're gonna put the message in here. And if you pick it up great, but we're telling you without quote telling you.

Bryan Bowden 6:03
Yeah, that was that was a way for Hynek, who very quickly found out he couldn't debunk this. To kind of say it's real, but without without violating his government and security clearance. I guess we would say contract. He couldn't publicly come out and say, Hey, folks, they're real. We can't debunk it, we can only prove it, you know, because that would that would put him in jail or, you know, whatever worse would happen. But it's a great way of him saying those very words without saying a word word at that point.

Jim Harold 6:44
Now, let me ask you about this, because I struggle with this a little bit. Now, I think there's something to the UFO question. And I think it is possible we've been visited and all of these things. I think that's very possible. And I do think, on one hand, people have the right to know. But on the other hand, I do believe that there are legitimate reasons to not disclose things for national security reasons. Now, I'll give you an example of one that I think is ridiculous. For example, the JFK assassination, which has nothing really to do with UFOs of those, some people have speculated, but but but the point is, is that I think it's ridiculous. We don't know everything now. Because I don't see a reason that anything that would be disclosed would be a question of national security, I think is more a question of embarrassing a lot of people and some truth telling going on. And I think, you know, that's what's going on with that particular situation. But on the other hand, the UFOs are sensitive, some UFOs I'm not saying all some may be foreign military aircraft, or our own military aircraft, and I'm a great respecter of the military. So I totally get that there are legitimate national security reasons not to disclose certain things, get it 100% Understand it. We can't know everything. However, I think there's some things we should know. How do you think we should strike that balance? What are your thoughts on that question?

Bryan Bowden 8:11
Well, I think what they they initially started to do was to dip their feet in the water. By having this report that came out, I think that was initially what was going on. And that kind of says, Hey, we're kind of admitting to something here. But again, we're not admitting to it. And it brings that tension in the eyes. It's very interesting, but general public, given enough of these type of non real informative kind of reports from the AATIP, or whatever, if they discuss it, again, eventually becomes you get used to it. So I think Little by little, some things will start coming out. But not, they're not going to tell you that there are a variety of different alien species that are without, you know, that are within and outside of this planet, and what they're doing here and why they're here. Because, again, we live on a planet where we have different nations, each one has their own military prowess, and power. And if we could tell them tell people the world like, look, we can't stop these crafts from coming in, disabling our nuclear weapons, which they have done before. (overlapping speech) But also in the Russia, it's been it happened really within, you know, days or whatever, they did it at both. And these things, we have no control over them, they can make 90 degree turns doing mach 20 And we can't even keep up with them. You know, that doesn't bode well for the confidence of the people within the government, you know, and the powers that be. Also it takes that everything we've been born into and what we believe we have the religious aspect or the social aspect saying, Why do I have to follow these rules? There are some there's something else out there, that's more powerful than you. I don't have to listen to your rules. You're nobodies. so I think it was Richard Dolan wrote the Day After Disclosure, and there wouldn't be some anarchy, there would be some, you know, panics, like War of the Worlds when Orson Welles that some people would start to, you know, it would psychologically play on their head, these aliens are coming in, what do we do about them? And how do we stop them? And others would be like, Wow, this is great. You know, like, you know, I can't wait to have that interaction. It's a double edged sword. So but it's going to take time. And I think the only true disclosure or the true like, Hey, we're here is if a craft land someplace publicly, and the world sees it.

Jim Harold 10:54
Yeah. Yeah. Like a The Day The Earth Stood Still kind of moment.

Bryan Bowden 11:00
Which would be great.

Jim Harold 11:01
Yeah, it would be, now let me ask you this. I mean, you would think that if the aliens had been visiting us for years, and nothing really, quote, negative has happened, although, you know, again, you hear some kind of harrowing situations with abductions, and so forth, when it's really not positive. So I think that kind of kills the total belief that they're all our Space Brothers who love us, and they're here to help us. On the other hand, if they wanted to destroy us, we'd be destroyed by now. So what do you think the reality is? Is it? Is it kind of like humanity itself? Some good, some bad, different species? Is that the picture you think we're looking at?

Bryan Bowden 11:40
Yeah, there's a variety of, I mean, there's at least there's well over 100 different types of extraterrestrial species that have been on this planet long before we were here. Some of which have reverted to an Inner Earth type of mentality where they, they've gone underground, others are still on the external outside the planet. And the reason, you know, the problem is we put in an emotional component on everything, as Earthlings as humans, that there's an emotion factor here. But what the purpose of them being here is non emotional. It is, you know, there it is really black and white with them. They have a problem right now. And the big problem. This is via research and, you know, 1000s of hours of interviews, and people that have been multiple abductees and has interactions with these being not just abducted. So basically 99% of these entities that come here, are doing so because they've, they've extinct their race, their race is going extinct. they've messed up, they did whatever they did on their planet. And they are the remainders of what is left. And it's just happened to be that human DNA is the perfect mold for extending their race. So this is hence the abduction factor. People are being abducted primarily for these entities and beings, to create hybrids, and then eventually, over time, recreate their race and continue on. That's why they're coming. That's why they're there in you know, abducting us inspecting us watching us surveying us. I never believe this whole Star Trek, Galactic Federation stuff, I do not believe they really care about us as like, oh, you know that that emotional component, what they do care about is, look, this is the only resource of DNA that we really have, that's going to work. So what we need, and we can't let them ruin that for us. So that's the fact that, you know, they're concerned about our nuclear usage and the destruction of this planet because you destroy the human race then their race is done. So I think that's a factor of them getting involved at certain points. But other than that, I think they're waiting for us to understand how precious life is. And that that's just human life. We're talking about, you know, water, air, fire, earth, and to kind of grow up a bit. We are like barbarians, and in essence to what they are, or there are other aggressive races out there and you get to the reptilian factor, that type of factors, very aggressive, and they'll like to inter infiltrate more so and get involved and troll the situation, but there's other races kind of trying to keep them at bay. But I think that's what it is. I don't think there's an emotional component here and unfortunately, so many people want to believe that but you know, you can believe whatever you want, but that's just my take on it.

Jim Harold 14:55
One of my concerns, and it kind of, I think, kind of plays in into what you just described is that okay, let's take a construction site. And let's take an ant colony, you know, they're a burgeoning little civilization they have their workers, they do things, it's very serious to them. And then this construction group is going to build a skyscraper or Best Buy or whatever it is. Just know, those construction workers don't think, oh, man, we're gonna we can't do this, we're gonna upset that ant colony. You know, my goodness, all these beings here living their lives, we're going to destroy them. Is it possible or probable that at least some of these races of aliens think about us in the same way that in that they don't think about us, and we're just ants in an anthill

Bryan Bowden 15:49
100%. Something that's not talked about? Well, not every once in a while, you get something called animal mutilations. And these are, if you're if you're not familiar, they have animals that are discovered missing all the sexual organs, free of blood. No, I mean, like surgically removed type of body parts. And, you know, the question is, what the heck's going on, right? Usually revolved around some kind of sighting within the area, or some kind of craft. And so what they don't talk about too often is the human mutilations, same process, same everything you see, there are, there are entities out there, or races out there that, you know, have have a taste for human flesh. And they are going through that process, and they're rogue and they they get round up, and other entities and beings along with it, I believe the US government is in full capability of not only creating their own craft now, but creating what we call extraterrestrial biological entities, those of a little grays, then they're like worker bees, like you talking about the ants, they're the worker bees, and they go fly the craft, they go abduct the people, they bring it back for whatever experiment. So every once in a while they they get pretty rogue, and they do something like that for consumption. And then they're captured from from reports and some information that I've received, they are dealt with, usually killed, and then we go out into that process. So there are a bit of these beings that don't really care who we are, they're going to do what they want. And when they want. And they're, it's usually on that reptilian side, they're a bit more aggressive. They're extremely intelligent individuals like IQs off the chart, oh, well over 200. And they think of us as nothing like ants, like those construction workers to the ants is what they think of us as, in the grand scheme of things. But there are others that also know that we need our DNA, like I said before, so I think it's a balancing act. And I think there's a huge standoff that takes place outside of this earth that we're not aware of, because they shut that that camera off on the, the that you know, the ISS, they don't want to show you the Krauss but there are other entities saying listen, we need them. So you know, backoff, Cool your jets type of thing.

Jim Harold 18:25
So you believe that the US government is working in league with some of these

Bryan Bowden 18:30
100% of the proof Eisenhower's granddaughter even discussed the fact that she knows that that there was an agreement. Yep, there was an agreement. And we've been, you know, we traded technology, and for the their ability to abduct and do their own experiments with one one sector one race of aliens. And we've been reverse engineering that since that point, you know, back in the late 40s, early 50s. And this is why, if you notice, you know, you can go back to 900. Year, you know, 900, year 900, all the way up to 1942. And there really wasn't many advancements, technology-wise, how we got the steam train, maybe a little electricity and telegraph. But from the 1940s on the advanced and scientifically and technology wise is off the chart. And that is bred from that direction, the reverse engineering. So I definitely believe that that we've had an interaction and we've had agreements with them. I also believe they'd have agreements with other individuals on this planet, one of which happened to be Nazi Germany or the godfather of our NASA program. Von Braun, who came over through Operation Paperclip is when they disperse these Nazi scientists around the world. He even was said in an interview when he was asked, you know, you guys are so close to win. During this war, the technology was off the charts. How did you come up with this and Von Braun pointed up and said we got help from them. And I don't think he was talking about angels or God, he was talking extraterrestrial-wise. So this is, you know, these entities or beings, the variety of them are going to, you know, they'll make agreements with the the Americans, they made agreement shopping with the Chinese with the, you know, the Germans, whoever seems to be the power brokers, and they're all they're doing this to one, get very close to their subjects. And two, keep an eye on it. They're, you know, they're hedging their bets.

Jim Harold 20:43
Now, I want to talk a little bit, because I think it's really important. Experiencers, I think, are one of the most important things that we can talk about, and you being founder and director of the New York State UFO project, why did you decide to take that on and talk to us a little bit about your experience with it, because that's, that's a pretty big responsibility.

Bryan Bowden 21:05
It's, it's a very big responsibility. I just, I discovered a lot audits or my investigations, we would meet up with some, some individuals, people that weren't part of our group, and they were scared, they would come in and be a part of insurance or freaked out about aliens and what's going on and they can be abducted. And most of these experiencers have uh, and people that have interest in this or scared from the subject, they don't have an outlet to go to because it's such a taboo subject. So we created like a forum. We did it in two parts in New York City, we did it close to New York City. And then in the beginning of the month, at the end of the month, we would go up to a place called Red Hook. And we'd have these live meetings, and we give presentations. And we would have discussions and give a safe forum for people to come to, to hear other people discuss their experiences, with possibly sightings and abductions, and, you know, have that safe space. And it's needed there, there's really isn't much like that, in, in the world, any place. So this is why we took it on, we're going to do the research anyhow. But it's another vehicle for us to get information. But it's also a place where people can have honest discussions and, and talk about it. There was one woman that I have to keep her name out of it, we'll just call her Doreen. And she was having abduction experiences, not only if it ourselves, but of her children. Since the beginning, she's had dreams about it. She feels she's been abducted. And she was she was talking about reptilians. In general, these are large creatures that look like dinosaurs, if you remember the old TV Series V.

Jim Harold 23:04
I loved V. (laughs)

Bryan Bowden 23:05
V was fantastic, you know, but so basically, it took her over two years to kind of open up. And she described it, her, you know, she didn't know how to respond when her three year old son who kept drawing these images of being in space with aliens, and the aliens look like dinosaurs. He came up to her one day and said, you know, you're not my real mother, but I still love you. So she was taken aback by that. And she said, Oh, I'm not? She was No, I know that the reptiles are, but I still love you. And over time, she that kind of blew her mind. But over time, at that point, I guess, he revealed that they started to make their presence known. And it really freaked her out. She's like, you know, how do you handle something where you're like, I'm seeing a 12 foot reptile reptile in my house. You know what, it's just what's going on. So this is why we created this group to give people that, that, that vehicle to like, hey, everybody's safe here, no one's made fun of. There are no crazy ideas or concepts, you know, and you can discuss it. And it worked out really, really well until of course, the last two years where we're still trying to put this back into play, but a lot of people are still slowly allowing a little bit more people into into groups. So eventually we'll get it back on but we still try to do this on a live meeting. Once a month, we do a live stream and allow people to listen in or call in and discuss their their issues.

Jim Harold 24:53
What Where do you think we go with this? I mean, I mean, if you look at it now you talked about disclosure and you don't think there's going to be full blown disclosure, disclosure? Do you think that we progress in this eventually where it just kind of slowly, the somehow the you talked about the kind of day the world stood still kind of moment? Do you think that it is going to happen that eventually the aliens, whichever race of them is going to are going to make themselves known? And there's going to be no denying? And do you think that is coming?

Bryan Bowden 25:26
I think that is eventually coming. It's sooner than you think. But I think there's a byproduct in this whole entire field, that is to advantage of us as humans, more and more people are now looking into introspective type of thoughts. They're, they're trying to change their perspective, their vibration, and their frequency and resonating at a higher frequency. And it's not just about love, it's about, you know, using your, your your mind and your body to connect to the greater universe. And I think this is what a lot of these extraterrestrials want humans to do. It's kind of a growing up period. There's something we call an active intelligent encounter. And we've done several of these. There's a session, where you actually are, you have a group of people, and you use your consciousness to sit there, almost in a meditative type of state. And you asking these these beings just to make their presence known to you. Some people know it as a CE-5. And there's a Dr. Greer, does that, and I don't know you know, I know, it's been around for a while, I think before him, but he's making claims to that, you know, he's, he's the creator of wellness, this has been around for ages. But when you start actively coming together and using your consciousness to ask for these beings to come forward and they do come forward, and perhaps have appeared at our events, I mean, I've a Pine Bush in New York was one of them. 2019, we had over 100 people, men and women and families, and a huge craft appeared over our heads and did some maneuvers for us and, you know, went out, a couple of distance made 90 degree turns came back. What that does is it gets us to work together as human beings (unclear). And I think the more we open up our mind or consciousness, the more we're able to connect to that inner source of information, you know, whatever your god is or your religious spirit is, and be better people. So I think what happens is, as we develop as human beings, I think they're going to make, you know, we're gonna get to a point where they're like, Okay, now's the time, we can, we can make ourselves known, because we'll be mature enough to handle and that's been happening the last couple of years, you know, this, this waking up. So I do believe, very, very soon, you're gonna see these crafts, and these aliens making their presence more known to people, even through abductions.

Jim Harold 28:13
And before we go, I want to talk a little bit about that, because, again, I come back to the part where people say, oh, you know, the aliens are so great. They're their Space Brothers. And then you hear about these people have these very traumatic experiences and and, you know, there's sexual element to it sometimes and invasive kind of element to it at times. It just, to me, I mean, it's not all sweetness and light, it's really quite disturbing some of the things people report.

Bryan Bowden 28:47
Right. So so this is how this is how it's, it's usually handled. So they they abduct both females and males on Earth. And from the males, they do take sperm samples and and and these abductions that have been currently have have happened 99% of the time, from generation from generation to generation, this is the the these beings look for a specific something. Some people call it an Rh factor, you know, Rh negative, I don't believe it. I think they're looking for a specific blood types, more like the o's and more like the very rare blood types, because that's a universal type of thing. And they abduct them, and they abduct them and they take sperm from from a male and they they put it into an extraterrestrials that may be more towards female or have that ability and they create some kind of baby or offsprings. And they do the same thing with the females. And 90% of the time. They try to do this and they do it in a covert manner where they're not going to let you know what's going on. You'll have a mind block or the give you an image of it was just an owl, or no, that was a bad dream, they'll make it seem like it's, you know, some kind of dream state. But over time and over mutual abductions, like people are shown things, and they're allowed to remember a little bit more. And it's literally slowly getting to the point where they can handle the fact that this is real, and it's happening. The problem is when people go and try to get regressed, which I don't think is perfect, because I think a regression is directing you to a certain area and not necessarily freely opening it up. And the horrors of what takes place, the experiments, the pain, you know, the the absolute fear that that that will remain with you forever. I have an individual, we had an experience in my 40 years of doing this, I had two experiences of missing time. One was (unclear) 2015. And what was recently, last May, May, April, May. And unfortunately, that bothered me more because my family was involved in it, unbeknownst to them, because I can't let them know that. But so that bothers me as a as a parent, I have to protect my children. And the fact is just like, you know, people be abducted, there is no way I have no control over this, no one can stop them. They come and go as they please, whether you like it or not. And they've chosen you for a reason. to either, you know, breed with you or to show you the the offspring and see how you act with said offspring. This is what happened. So that's the scary part of it. But in that missing time, i i Will we were talking about getting regressed. And I talked to someone specifically who's an amazing experiencer himself. And he said to me, he goes, How do you sleep? And I said, Well, I said pretty good. I don't really sleep very well, I'm a parent. He goes, Well, do you have any bad dreams or anything? And I said no, he was don't ever get regressed? Because once you open that Pandora's box of regression, you're never closing it. No matter how much hypnosis you tried to do. You'll always remember the the worst part of that, that experience. So it's a balancing act right now. And it's just a balanced, it leans on the constitution of the individual at that point. And some people just shouldn't be getting regressed and shouldn't be remembering these things. You know, it's it's pretty unnerving. What takes place.

How many people do you think have had experiences and don't realize it.

All, I think there's millions of people that have an experience and who realize it. millions. That there, there are so many people, I hear stories that I hear people talking about some dreams, or, wow, I had the really craziest dream last night, they matter of fact. And I hear certain elements of it. And I'm like, Okay, I'm not going to tell them but they've probably been abducted, or they wake up in bruises. And you can see him and they're in certain locations, which are usually spots that are used to hold you down, while these entities are forcing some kind of experiment on you, against your will. So I think there's tons of them out there. And I think that the reason why they're not able to remember that is purposely because they can't handle that. And then what happens, they may do something to themselves or freak out and then there goes that source of again DNA, or why they're, they're being abducted. And it's those against, you know, like the end goal of these beings.

Jim Harold 34:14
Well, it's been a great conversation, I think we just scratched the surface and look forward to speaking with you again on this topic and others, Bryan, where can, I know you're in multiple places and got a lot going on. If people are interested in your work, whether it's in the paranormal field, the UFO field, the cryptid field, whatever it might be, where are the places they should check you out?

Bryan Bowden 34:37
Sure, I'm rebuilding my website, but is gonna be one place. Also the Bronxville Paranormal Society has a lot of our paranormal evidence and cryptid evidence and we have the New York State UFO project as well, where you can work rebuilding the forum but you can report 24/7 Any type of craft or experience. We keep everything confidential. And we do investigate 100% of what is given us. We're also on every social media platform at this point. So just seek us out if you have any questions you can pm me on Facebook, or try and contact me through email from one of those groups and I will get back to you. I promised that.

Jim Harold 35:21
Bryan Bowden, thank you for joining us today.

Bryan Bowden 35:24
I thank you, Jim. It's been a pleasure to be on your your broadcast your show. And I look forward to chatting again.

Jim Harold 35:30
Excellent. And thank you for tuning in to UFO Encounters. I'm sure Bryan would agree keep your eyes to the sky. We thank you for joining us today.

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