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Jim interviews author, experts and experiences about UFO phenomena in this PLUS ONLY podcast. For Jim's other PLUS shows, go to

Mar 25, 2012

Author Thomas Fusco joins us again to report on the latest developments on his Supergeometric Theory of the Supernatural.  Namely, he tells us how recent developments are pointing to verification of his work.  It is on this edition of UFO Encounters!

You can find his books and website at


Mar 24, 2012

We talk to MUFON Virginia State Director Sue Swiatek about grassroot UFO cases and the truth about UFO investigation.

You can find the book on Grassroots UFOs at GRASSROOTS UFOs: Case Reports from the Center for UFO Studies


Mar 14, 2012

The governments of the world know more than they are telling says author Chet Dembeck and he tells why he believes that is the case on this edition of UFO Encounters.

Check out his books at Chet Dembeck Books at Amazon